Does your mind spin, at the thought of blogging, article writing,    
newsletter lists, RSS, and social networking or social bookmarking?     

All these have now become essential elements    
for increasing your online web visibility.    

Personal and in a relaxed setting...

These are examples of why you might meet me...

  • I don't have my own website and I have no budget, where would I even begin to set up my online presence?

  • I have a website or blog, yet I do not seem to be able to attract visitors to my site. What could I do that would cost me zero to low dollars?

  • I have heard about the need to participate at places like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, Sphinn, Technorati, Digg, Stumbleupon, Furl, Reddit, Ma.gnolia, Propeller, Where do I start, how do I make use of their services for my business?

  • I need to sit down with someone who knows what I am talking about when I begin to talk about an online business. Can I simply sit down with you and bounce around a few of my ideas?

  • I would love someone to meet with each week or monthly, to just kick around my thoughts about where I want to take my web based business.

  • There are so many online tools and definitions and I have no idea what some of those mean and how they could benefit me with internet marketing. Could we chat about those so that I expand my knowledge?

  • I know it is important to establish relationship with potential online customers yet I have no idea what I can do to support that in the contect of such an impersonal space like the internet. How do I build a mail list of fans, keep people interested and get others to hear my message?

  • There is so much to manage when you are a solo entrepreneur and I feel like I am in overwhelm. I would love to meet and chat once a week or monthly, just to get my mind back on track and to set up some great support structures.

  • What are the tools that I must have for establishing a good foundation for long-term online presence, both for my internet business and for marketing online?

  • I really need a coach, mentor and ideas person who can help me move forward with where I currently find myself challenged in my business. I need a creative mind to help throw around some fresh ideas.

  • I am a beginner and have only just started using my computer. I need someone to help me to understand more about this whole “internet thing”! With you, I can do that comfortably, slowly and without embarrassment.

Let’s meet for that cuppa...

I am based in Perth, Western Australia. I am happy to meet with you in a casual setting at a local coffee shop (of my choosing) and sit down to discuss all of the above, and so much more...

Payment will need to be made in advance for each time we choose to meet. No ongoing contracts. Payment by Paypal, or credit card using Paypal.
SEND AN EMAIL to ask me any questions you have.

Only US$250 for my 90-minute coffee sessions (oh yes, and you buy our coffees & treats too)! If you want to bring a friend, you will be asked for an extra US$100 per person.

I will enjoy supporting you with increased online visibility for your site, getting yourself an online presence for the first time, or helping to create your internet future.

Best regards, Thea

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Thea Westra
PO Box 1307
Victoria Park
WA 6981 Australia
m +61 414331700
email @ 'contact'


Due to the unique and individual nature of this service, Online Visible Web can only accept a few people at any time.

This is a very personal and individually tailored level of support. Every “coffee meet up” is different!

There may also be a queue for these sessions, it is a service that will initially need to be limited to a few people.

Not in Perth? Ask me to set up a phone or video session, instead. Use the buttons at my Contact page to do that.